Recommendations for Gabriella de Mori

“I had the opportunity to appreciate her qualities of scholarship, hard work and application, demonstrating excellent critical thinking and research ability, as well as a well-developed understanding and appreciation of international health issues and the wider social and cultural factors that underlie them. Gabriella has a superb command of both written and spoken English, and is a first-rate communicator of ideas and information. Her academic writing skills are of the highest order, with some of her written assignment work being recommended for submission to academic journals for publication. Gabriella is a warm and compassionate person with a highly developed sense of social justice and advocacy, and, combined with her research and intellectual skills, would be an invaluable member of any team.” Associate, Centre for International HealthCurtin University, Western Australia

“I have been impressed by her dedication, professionalism and her ability to achieve targets. She displays a combination of perseverance; and the ability to achieve sometimes under difficult circumstances. She has excellent interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity. She is an extremely competent young woman who takes on any task in a diligent, responsible manner and works hard to accomplish the task. She is ready to accept challenges and is an independent worker….Gabriella has excellent communication skills, can communicate effectively in written and spoken English and is well versed in the importance of utilising various means for the dissemination of findings to influence policy and practice. The quality of her writing is also of an extremely high standard, she is able to review, synthesise, analyse and critique literature effectively.” Associate Professor, Centre for International HealthCurtin University, Western Australia

“Gabriella has great knowledge and understanding of international development, particularly in sexual and reproductive health, and works well within a diverse and challenging culturally diverse environment. She has a remarkable ability to adapt and is enthusiastic and positive throughout all her interactions with staff, donors and partner organisations.” Executive DirectorPlanned Parenthood Association of Zambia

“Besides being a joy to work with, Gabriella is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tacking all assignments with dedication…During her tenure, we saw an improvement in various elements of the project implementation and reporting at all levels. Gabriella assumed a leadership role in other programmes, inspiring and motivating other employees.” Chief Technical AdministratorPlanned Parenthood Association of Zambia

“During the two years I worked with Gabriella, I knew her as a results-oriented person with strong project management skills, who is committed to promotion of human rights and embracing diversity. During one of our regional review meetings, the Regional office used her reports as a sample to the other Member Associations in the Region .” Africa Regional Office, International Planned Parenthood Association

“Gabriella is a highly organised and very efficient worker. She writes exceptionally well, with depth of insight, careful analysis and engaging style. Gabriella is dedicated, hard working and sets high standards which she always meets. She is also a lot of fun to work with while maintaining professionalism in everything she does.” Maternal and Child Health Coordinator, Africare

“Gabriella is consistent and strives for success. She has excellent skills in communicating and presenting new ideas. She is also innovative when it comes to managing various stakeholder groups. I consider her an asset to CSR & Sustainability.” CSR Specialist, BHP Billiton, Melbourne


Recommendations for Jenny Ramautarsing

“Jenny is a highly motivated professional who consistently performs to set and achieve higher goals. I consider her one of my best pupils and would recommend her to any company that strives for high performance, quality, efficiency. She always conducts her work with great enthusiasm, drive and knows how to motivate people to get on board”. Project Director, BHP Billiton

“Jenny is a very experienced person in her field of expertise and very driven to reach her goals. She can create presence and has what it takes to “put you on the map”. She has proven to have good people skills, engages and works very well with stakeholders including the community, is approachable, easy going and has proven to manage diversity in an excellent manner.Jenny is clear in communication. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be leading the pack.”.Chief Engineer, BHP Billiton

“Working with Jenny was a very pleasant experience. She will give her honest opinion and will always look for a win-win solution. She has a what-u-see-is-what-u-get mentality, which makes her a very pleasant business partner. She has a very broad view on things and her actions will always be related to that broad view. She is a connector on all areas, connecting organizations, content and energy. And another good quality of Jenny is that she acts quickly.” Chairwoman, Suriname Waste Management, Contractor to IAMGOLD Corp.


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