Our Team

GDM Consulting brings together consultants who have spent the majority of their careers working in the field with communities, having been involved in community development, program management, research and strategy. 

Our consultants have experience in academic, mining, corporate government and non-government industries. Such experience allows the consultants to operate at a highly conceptual level that always bears in mind how strategies will work on the ground, fully aware of the challenges of operating in developing and resource poor countries.

We have a strong network of advisors and partner consultants in Australia, Africa and South America including IndiEnergy Ltd, The UWA Centre for Social Impact, The Africa-Australia Mining Industry Group and many more.

Gabriella de Mori, Africa & Australia Consultant

Gabriella facilitating community mapping exercise with community leaders. Zambia gold client

Facilitating Capacity Building Workshop for Community Leaders in Zambia

Gabriella is a passionate and perceptive international development professional who has worked in Australia, Zambia, Angola and South Africa representing several ASX listed companies. She has the experience and ability to work in a fast paced corporate environment, as well as in rural areas with tribal community leaders with just as much ease.

Gabriella is a change agent with a primary focus on managing external stakeholders expectations to mitigate risks associated with change. Having worked with various community and traditional structures, including tribal committees, Government structures and community based organisations, she has developed the necessary tact, intuition, diplomacy and first rate communication skills to represent her clients and mediate between a range of stakeholders, defining mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Gabriella holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Anthropology and Development Studies) and a Master of International Health, both from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia as well as a Master of Counselling from Notre Dame University, Western Australia.


  • Community engagement strategies
  • Community assessments
  • Corporate social investment strategies
  • International health and development
  • Writing and critical thinking
  • Project implementation
  • Research and analysis
  • Human interest case studies
  • Relationship building
  • Working with community leaders

Jenny  Ramautarsing, Latin American Consultant


Jenny is a change agent with a strong background in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, who brings a wealth of international knowledge and expertise to GDM Consulting. Jenny is specialized in Organisational Change Management with the prime focus on organizational capacity building and organizational transformations. She applies her expertise in a broad diversity of sectors from mining and metals, resources to banking and finance, shipping and logistics, hospitality and tourism, health and wellness.

Her diverse experience working with internal stakeholders in various sectors allows GDM Consulting to understand workforce complexities, cultural diversity and challenges organizations are facing when initiating change.  

Jenny has lived and worked in South America, Southern Africa, South East Asia and Australia as a successful champion for both the communities and companies she represents. Such experience has enabled Jenny to intuitively understand internal stakeholders’ expectations, with garnered experience on how to manage conflicting expectations and needs, without unsettling either the stakeholders or the corporate environment.

Jenny holds a Masters Degree in Corporate Public Affairs from Melbourne Business School and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) of the Australian Institute of Business (AIB).


  • Change Management
  • People management
  • Operational process development
  • Strategic corporate planning
  • Strategy and policy development
  • High level engagement
  • Impact and risk assessments
  • Sustainable business models