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GDM Consulting is a specialist boutique consultancy that assists companies grow, develop and measure their corporate social responsibility programs Internationally.  

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Gabriella de Mori

Proud Member of AAMIG


At GDM Consulting, we know that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral component to any project; Good CSR goes beyond investment and responsibility, to opportunity and shared value. Out Mission is to ensure our clients can initiate, develop and close international projects with their stakeholders and community board, and as an invaluable resource to the project.

Focus Areas

GDM Consulting specialises in international projects and achieve exceptional outcomes through our creative and grass-roots approaches to research, strategy development and implementation.

We provide the over-all CSR strategy and work closely to implement and bring to life the mission and objectives of the strategy that is designed uniquely for your Company. These services include the design and development of social investments, community development, sphere of influence research, community and stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting and much more.

Our Approach

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) combines international best practice with knowledge and lessons learned from our consultant’s long-term experiences in the field, creating practical and clear steps that will achieve overarching CSR ideals and principals.

Our approach and services are unique as work closely with our clients in the field at the project site and sphere of influence, bringing the strategy and vision to life to secure your social license to operate long term. We work face-to-face with communities, traditional leaders, advocacy groups, implementing partners, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Government.

We tailor our strategies to the size, project stage and capacity of the company and its host community. We have demonstrated exceptional results with junior mining and exploration teams by expanding the definition and utilisation of company resources from purely financial expenditure to skills, time, relationships, knowledge exchange, networks and more.

GDM Consulting works closely with management and on the ground staff of the Company to integrate CSR and community relations into the core business at all levels. We do this to demonstrate CSR’s contribution to achieving business, commercial and project goals.

Our Consultants

GDM Consulting brings together consultants who have significant in-depth on the ground experience working in Africa, South America, Australia and South East Asia. The consultants have working experience for Mining Companies, Corporates, Non-Government organisations and Government in Australia and abroad.

Read about our principal consultants Gabriella de Mori and Jenny Ramautarsing in the ‘Consultants’ tab, and start your company’s conversation about CSR by Contacting us.